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Thank you for joining us on Thursday 21st February for our Season Open night, we had an absolutely fantastic time. It was wonderful to finally lift the covers on some new arrivals from Triumph and to see your reactions. Did you have a favourite machine from the night?

We're now taking test ride bookings across certain machines from the night, so if you wish to try one, be sure to get in touch and experience what a new Triumph could offer you. To book a test ride call 0141 406 3414 or email info@triumphglasgow.co.uk You can also visit our Test Riding page to find out how it works.



Triumph Glasgow held a show stopping performance for the Triumph Season Launch, with extra special guests including Triumph Motorcycles General Manager, Paul Lilly, and the reveal of 4 incredible new models on the evening of Thursday 21st February 2019.




At the Glasgow state-of-the-art showroom, around 200 motorcycle fans and Triumph enthusiasts arrived, anticipated and were definitely entertained.


The showroom was packed full of men and women of all ages, bikers and non-bikers alike eager to celebrate the annual Triumph Season Launch, where the award-winning dealership revealed for the first time in Scotland, the brand new 2019 Triumph Model line-up and 2019 Clothing Collection.


The night kicked off from 6pm with the cafe in full swing providing a feast of bacon rolls, fresh homemade sandwiches and refreshments.


Special offers on parts, accessories and new season clothing lined the walls and kept visitors busy.


It was obvious throughout the pre-owned motorcycle department, that the display of stock was of a particularly high quality and included a huge range of Triumph Approved Used, low-mileage ex-demonstrators and featured an incredibly rare MV Augusta F4 RC.

2019 triumph scrambler 1200


The new model launch was introduced by Triumph Glasgow Managing Director, Martin Rees who welcomed all before the reveal got underway with the uncovering of the 2019 Street Twin. Representing a major step forward for Triumph’s most successful modern classic, the new 2019 Street Twin now brings a significant step up in power, a higher specification of equipment, even more rider comfort and first-in-class technology. On top of the engine updates, the new Street Twin retains the high standard of modern engine technology that has contributed to making this the most successful Triumph modern classic.


The next in the lineup was the Street Scrambler, which this year has introduced a significant set of major updates with power and performance being top of the list. The 900cc High Torque Bonneville engine has been upgraded to deliver an incredible 10PS more peak power, taking the total to 65PS, which is an impressive 18% more than its predecessor. This major evolution also delivers higher revs, up by 500rpm to 7,500rpm, which together with its unique high torque delivery, with a peak torque of 80Nm is delivered low down @ 3,200rpm, and its signature high level exhaust system bring that unmistakable Scrambler soundtrack and thrilling, agile and responsive ride.



The highly anticipated 1200 Scrambler XE was surrounded by a huge crowd all keen to discover the new off-road potential. Built to be just as great on the road while taking the specification to the highest level, but with even more extreme off-road capabilities and taking scrambling credentials to the very top of the motorcycling world.


Triumph Glasgow saved the best till last, finally unveiling the all-new Speed Twin. The beautiful new 1200cc Speed Twin re-introduces a legendary Triumph name and sets a new category benchmark for how a custom roadster should ride and feel, with class leading handling and thrilling performance.


After tick boxing all of the technical specification on the new Speed Twin, it was at this crucial point in the evening where Triumph Motorcycles General Manager, Paul Lilly, was invited on stage and gave his very own, personal insight into each of the new models and what this line-up means for Triumph.


Watch the video below to find out Paul Lilly's personal favourite bike out of the 2019 Collection, or read the interview below.








Special Guest, Triumph Motorcycles General Manager, Paul Lilly, was invited on stage and gave his very own, personal insight into each of the new models and what this 2019 line-up means for Triumph.


Before I start, I just want to say I was born in Glasgow, so there is a Glasgow boy here who loves this place!


The best thing about being in charge of Triumph for the UK and Ireland is I get to come to places like this, you are all so incredibly lucky to have a facility like this, Triumph Glasgow is just state of the art. These guys came on board with Triumph in the last few years, and Im very pleased to be able to break off from a family holiday (Hi dad!) and leave my kids at home, to come and join all you guys and enjoy these bikes.

Weve had a fabulous few years with our new modern classic range, its been a generational change in the business, and in the last 3 years weve had not just our best-selling year ever but also our 2nd best-selling year! So thats a big thank you to all you guys who come out and buy these bikes from us - so with the design, style and performance, we must be doing something right! A big thank you to all the Triumph owners here tonight.


I was privileged to be out in Spain at the start of the year with Brian, your Triumph Glasgow Parts Advisor, riding and testing all of these bikes and I can honestly tell you, as you can tell from my outfit tonight, I have all the gear and probably less idea! But what I did realise was that these bikes are incredible, and what a massive step forward this is for the motorcycle industry. I can tell you when you get your leg over the new Street Twin, the extra power is fabulous, and the extra braking is magnificent.


Anyone with a Street Scrambler? Personally, this is my favourite bike, I was having a ride out the other day with a friend on a Tiger 800 and I was leaving him in the dust on some nice country roads. If I could only have one bike, it would be the Street Scrambler. If I wanted to get up on a Sunday morning and go a run on my own, or wanted to out with some mates on roadsters, I know for a fact that this machine with the extra power, rev range and braking performance, will be right up there with them. It handles so well on the corners and then its easy to sit up, you can take it on any roads: A-roads, B-roads and all-round Scotland.


A year ago, I was here launching the Tiger 1200, we started from Triumph Glasgow and crossed the Erskine Bridge and headed North. It was snowy, it was cold, there were hailstones, it was really miserable, but we were on Tiger 1200s so it wasnt too bad. I can tell you though, on the Street Scrambler, on those roads, in any condition; you will have the biggest grin inside your lid that you will ever have had.  Even if you havent taken a test ride yet on one of these Street Scramblers, I would say just try them. Get some good jeans, nice leather jacket, decent boots and enjoy the ride the whole way there and back.


Back in September 2018 when I first rode the all new Speed Twin before it was finished, we had all the bikes there and looks wise it probably wasnt my favourite. However, we then took them to Spain, on the road down from Malaga to Marbella, passing Ascari Race Circuit - we covered 300 miles that day. The Speed Twin is like a Speed Triple in classic form. The performance, handling and torque, it just blows you away. I can honestly say that wow, on those roads, with that bike, it was just phenomenal. If you have the opportunity to ride it please, jump on it and have a shot.


For all those guys who like sports bikes, youll get on the Speed Twin and think completely different about Modern Classics because it handles like a proper sports bike or roadster, which is what the guys at the factory have been aiming to do with this bike and theyve done a cracking job of it.


And then really the “pièce de résistanceis the Scrambler 1200. Everyone thought we were a bit mad. Our Design Team at the Factory back in 2013/14 came out with this skunk projectwhich was a 1200 engine on a Scrambler frame, and everyone thought it looked really good, how can we make it go?


The press who ride a lot of bikes, including off road bikes and everything in between have all ridden this bike and theyve put this machine to the test. You can go from Triumph Glasgow to the North of Scotland without even touching a road. It just goes and goes and goes thanks to the long travel suspension on the front, twin rear shocks, handling, and torque.


When you go off road normally on an adventure bike you tend to keep high revs, work the clutch and keep the bike moving. On this bike, low down torque from that 1200 parallel twin means you dont have to absolutely throttle the Scrambler. And if you want to be a bit ‘careless’ shall we say, whether you are off road for the first-time or an off-road pro - youll be wheeling that thing all day long. It is just phenomenal.


As Martin said, if you havent booked yourself a test ride get your name down for an hour on these bikes and I can guarantee if you havent got a smile on our face there is something wrong with you! Enjoy them, make the effort to get the chance to ride them.- Paul Lilly





The Street Scrambler’s beautiful style, rugged off-road attitude and cool versatility has earned it a phenomenal reputation worldwide.

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2019 traiumph 1200 scrambler xe xc



A whole new benchmark for category-defining capability, this motorcycle delivers everything required to take your riding fun to the most exciting level on the road and off it.

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Better performing, better looking, and even more fun to ride; everything about the new Street Twin is designed to deliver maximum enjoyment.

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The 1200cc Speed Twin re-introduces an illustrious name to our modern classics line-up, with an exciting all-new motorbike that delivers next generation modern custom capability.

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