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Thurs, 11 Oct 2018

Harris Tweed, Triumph and Triumph Glasgow tell you the story of one mans journey.

Triumph presented a one-off custom ‘Dapper Bonnie DGR100’ Bonneville T100 with a Harris Tweed seat to Phil Green following his participation in the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride.

Phil collected his new ride from the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience after the bike’s journey from the motorcycle factory to home of Harris Tweed. The one-of-a-kind bike is based on Triumph’s iconic Bonneville T100 complete with burnt orange custom paintwork and a range of Triumph after-market accessories.

Triumph Glasgow supported the journey of the bike by gathering a group of extra special people who take part and support The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride every year to welcome the bike into Glasgow. This fantastic network of incredible individuals, dressed suited and booted for the arrival of the iconic Dapper Bonnie, told their stories and what it means to them to support those affected by mental health issues and male cancers.

Lisa Birrell told Triumph Glasgow “Emotions and mental health aren’t something that’s readily spoken about and is often avoided completely. I would like to help see that change. If a brother, son, uncle or friend is struggling they should feel comfortable enough to talk about it or even ask for help.”

Triumph is a title sponsor of the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride, which sees well-dressed motorcyclists from across the world come together on a single day each year to raise awareness of men’s health issues, including mental health conditions and prostate cancer.

Triumph Glasgow are proud to be a part of this movement and will continue to support Movember wherever possible. If you’d like to get involved with The Distinguished Gentlemans Ride, email the team at

To find out more about The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride and Movember click here.