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Tue, 04 Sep 2018

Triumph National Demo Ride Week 8th-16th September 2018

Try a new Triumph and discover how you could experience the road. Triumph National Demo Week will take place between 8th September and 16th September 2018 and we're giving you the chance to experience our entire demonstrator fleet, purchase our ex-demonstrators and take advantage of our fantastic offers with £500 off selected new bikes, that’s over and above the manufacturer offers!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a test rider? Well now is your chance. Browse our demonstrator fleet below, contact us to pre-book your test ride, come along on the day with your own helmet and riding wear, and why not bring along your friends and have yourself some fun.

You can test ride any bike from the following list:

And as a complimentary gift from Triumph Glasgow, you will receive a £500 voucher which, when you purchase any of the following selected models before the 16th September, you can spend on clothing, parts, accessories, a deposit or towards the cash price!

This offer is part of our GR68 Sale, where we are offering you £1000’s of vouchers, money off new bikes, contributions towards your new bike deposit, added accessories, clothing offers and more only until the 16th September.

Find out more about the Gr68 Sale here >

So what better time to test ride a new Triumph, than at Triumph Glasgow during National Demo Week, 8th-16th September 2018. Take the ride then decide, it’s your call.

To Book
Call Raymond or Simon on 0141 406 3414 or email

How a test ride works:

  • We recommend that you prebook to ensure the bike is available.
  • Arrive 20-30 minutes earlier than your allocated test ride time.
  • Sign in so we know you have arrived and filled out all the necessary paper work.
  • Get familiar with the bike you are booked on to ensure you are aware of all the necessary controls and riding modes, this will give you the best possible test ride experience.
  • Solo or you can bring along your friends, with a full tank of fuel you can ride our demonstrator model for an hour, with no mileage limit, on any route you choose. We are only a few miles from the coast road to Ayrshire or a short journey onto the Loch Lomond sweeping roads. We kindly ask you to fill our bikes with fuel when returning them.
  • Arrive back at our showroom and give us your feedback. Tell us what you think of the bike and if you need any more information, please just ask. You can also put down a deposit on a new bike on the day.
  • Our staff can even give you a part exchange quote on your current bike you have brought it in with you, or an estimated quote if you know all the information about it.
  • If you are interested in test riding another new demonstrator model, you are more than welcome to, as long as there is availability.
  • Enjoyed your test ride? Taken any photographs? Post them on our social media channels and we'll share and retweet. Just tag @TriumphGlasgow or #TriumphGlasgow

The Requirements to Test Ride:
We want you to have the best test ride experience as possible, therefore whilst test riding our bikes, all riders (who must meet the necessary criteria below) will be fully compressively insured on our policy.

  • You must be over 25 years old
  • You must hold a full valid UK motorcycle licence
  • You must have held your full UK motorcycle licence for a minimum of two years.
  • You must have 6 points or less on your driving licence

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Terms and Conditions
Models on show/demo are subject to availability and may be sold. Exact models can not be guaranteed due to possible unforeseen circumstances. Subject to licence, suitable riding gear and weather conditions. We have the right to refuse a test ride. An indemnity form will need to be signed. You are required to provide your bank details prior to a test ride, if in the unfortunate circumstances where an accident may occur and it is proven to be your fault, then the cost of the damaged caused will be charged. For example, if you drop the bike and break an indicator, we only ask that you cover the cost of a new indicator. But don’t worry as these cases are rare, and we will provide you with a full, in-depth handover where we show you the use of the controls, added accessories and electronic components before handing you over the keys. For more information or to obtain a copy of a test ride disclaimer prior to the test ride, please contact Raymond or Simon on 0141 406 3414 or email